I love to learn with @school.

Thursday 21st October 2021

I love to learn with @school.
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Parachute Activities


The parachute is at ground level with everyone kneeling around the edge holding it tightly.

The players pretend to start to make a pancake.

They pretend to pour oil on the parachute and gently shake the parachute and make sizzling noises.

On a count of THREE, the pancake is mushroomed and one person shouts, “LET GO”.

It is important that everyone lets go at the same time.

The pancake may rise to the ceiling or it may toss over.

When the pancake has been tossed the players pretend to add all the ingredients like banana, sugar, lemon juice and so on.

The players then roll the parachute up.

It is either rolled up ready to be put back into its bag.

Or everyone forms into a long line and lifts the parachute up above their heads, just like a Chinese Dragon.

The players then walk the Dragon to the next place that the parachute is needed.

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