@school helps me with my homework.

Thursday 21st October 2021

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

Pass the Action

The players stand on the edge of the parachute, holding hands.

The leader starts actions, like those below, which are passed round the circle.

PASS THE WAVE. The leaderís left arm is raised and lowered with a flick of the wrist, which passes the action onto the right arm of the player on the leaderís left. That player repeats the action with their left arm and so the first action passes round the circle.

PASS THE KNEE BEND. Continuing to hold hands throughout, the leader starts a second action: bending the knees. The person on the leaderís left bends theirs, and so on.

The leader may decide to stick to these two actions for a few moves before introducing more such as:

Raise arms above head.

Crouch to the ground.

Raise up on tip toes.

Repeat and continue actions so that there is a dance-like flow going round the parachute.

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