@school helps me with my homework.

Thursday 21st October 2021

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

Bicycle Ride

Players sit with their feet under the parachute, holding the edge.

They then shuffle out so that the parachute is taut.

Tell the players that the parachute looks like a giant bicycle wheel and that they are on a giant bicycle about to take a ride.

Everyone starts to move the parachute by making a circular motion with their hands.

And so the story begins with the players responding in the right places.

Imagine you are sitting on this bicycle, going along the road.

The sun is shining and we go past a field full of cows and the cows say?

We move on and the next field is full of chickens and the chickens say?

We go past that field and on to the next field full of horses and they say?

On to the next field full of pigs and they say?

And just in front of us is a great big steep hill, so we speed up (rapid movement of the parachute) as we race towards the hill.

We are going up this great big steep hill and we are getting higher and higher, so it is getting harder and harder (start slowing).

And we are getting slower and slower and slower and slower until we almost have to get off and push this bicycle, but we work hard and we get to the top of the hill and we look around and we say:

”Oh1 What a beautiful view”, we say

(repeat together) “Oh! What a beautiful view”.

Then we start going down the hill and we go faster and faster and faster and faster.

A big lorry comes towards us!

Big screech of brakes sound while pulling the parachute out taut.

This ends the game.

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