@school helps me with my homework.

Thursday 21st October 2021

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

Pass That Dice

Place the parachute flat on the floor. Divide the group into two teams, who sit in two semi-circles on either side of the parachute.

A hoop (or container) is placed a short distance away from the last person in each semi circle. This is used later in the game.

Each team has a dice, which starts with the player sitting first in the line.

The first player in each team throws their dice. Whatever number its lands on, the dice gets passed that many players down the line.

e.g. If team A throws a 3, the dice gets passed down to player number 4 in the line.

If team B throws a 4, the dice gets passed down to player 5 in the line.

If a player throws a 6, they leave the line and go and sit on the parachute facing their team and the dice gets passed on 6 places.

The correct number must be thrown to reach the end of the line.

e.g. The last player in line is three away from the player with the dice. The dice is thrown and a 3 is shown. The dice moves 3 places down the line to the end player.

Only if this happens is the player at the end of the line allowed to take a shot at the hoop. If the dice goes through the hoop, the player goes and joins the players sitting in the centre of the parachute.

If a 3 is not thrown the dice is quickly thrown back to the first player who continues passing the dice along the appropriate number.

Speed is essence of this game. The first team to have all their players sitting on the parachute are the winners.

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