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Thursday 21st October 2021

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

The Dragonís Treasure

For this game you need one player on top of the parachute in the centre. That player is The Dragon guarding their JEWELS AND TREASURE, which is a pile of bean bags underneath the centre of the parachute.

The remaining players stand round the parachute holding it at waist height. From among them three thieves are chosen.

The thieves crawl under the parachute towards the dragon, who is moving around across the top trying to catch them before they reach the treasure.

The players who are holding the parachute shake it to hide the thieves.

If the dragon touches a thief, the thief has to return to the side and touch another player who becomes a thief and joins the other searching for treasure underneath.

The game continues until all the bean bags have been stolen.

Each player may only take one bag, which is taken to the players on the edge and another thief goes under.

When all the treasure has gone, a new dragon is chosen, and the treasure replaced underneath.

This game can be played with all the players on top of the parachute.

Players crawl towards the dragon, but if they stop, the dragon cannot touch them.

Only one player can stop at a time. The others must keep moving. It gets more difficult for the thieves as they get closer to the centre.

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