@school helps me with my homework.

Thursday 21st October 2021

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

Dart Board

Divide your group into equal teams. Use the parachute open, flat and taut on the ground.

This game uses the parachute as a dart board.

Each section carries a number from one to however many sections you have in your parachute.

If the bean bag lands on the outer braiding ring, the number for that section is doubled.

If the bag lands on any of the other braiding rings, (except the centre and first ring out) the number on that section triples.

Landing in the centre carries a score of 50.

Between the centre and first ring scores 25.

The leader decides what total to start with, e.g. 101, 201, 301.

Teams play in turns to reduce the total to 0. The first team to reach 0 wins.

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