@school helps me with my homework.

Saturday 22nd June 2024

@school helps me with my homework.

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Introducing @school

Welcome to @school. We make it easy for children, teachers and parents to explore the World Wide Web and make the most of its rich source of nursery and primary level educational material.

@school has been developed with both inexperienced and frequent Internet users in mind. So whether you are an Internet wizard or you have never logged on in your life @school will help you to help children use the Internet for education at school or home learning.

Ideal for ages 4 right up to 13, @school has been carefully designed to give children the confidence they need to use the Internet as part of their education in an absorbing, fun way. The site is structured for early learning, key stage 1, key stage 2 and special needs.

After breaking each subject down into sub sections, we offer a comprehensive choice of links and interactive activities on the Internet which relate to each individual sub section. Whichever aspect of a subject a child wishes to learn about, pertinent and high quality information is just a click away.

A play area allows children to explore other areas of the Internet, including fun sites and online games galore.

What's more, @school can help teachers and parents discover links to a whole host of sites where they can access valuable resources and information.

"@school aims to lead the world in focusing the internet at the heart of primary education." more