@school helps me with my homework.

Tuesday 4th August 2020

@school helps me with my homework.
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Properties of Materials

Every material has one or more special quality called a property.

We choose to make an object from a certain material because of that material's property.

Read below about each object and think about the properties of the material that we would use to make it.

A polished floor for the entrance hall to a big and important building. It must be hard-wearing for all the people who will walk on it and look beautiful!


A large dining table with ornately carved legs. It is for a special room so must look beautiful!


A beautiful wedding dress that will be sewn by hand.


A dummy for my baby’s mouth, that I can wash whenever it drops on the ground.


An electrical cord for plugging in a kettle, this material needs to be a good electrical conductor.



A large fruit bowl.



A cosy blanket for my bed that will keep the heat in during the winter.

Look at the table below and read about the properties of each of these materials and match them to the object we would choose to make with it.

Click and drag the picture of each object to the correct place on the table below.

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