@school helps me with my homework.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

@school helps me with my homework.
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Parachute Activities

Cockroach Crunch

The children sit in the circle either in the parachute tent (see parachute tent activity) or outside around the edge of the parachute.

For this game two balls or bean bags are required. The balls could be of different sizes or different colours if it would help.

One ball starts off first being passed from person to person around the circle - this is the cockroach. When it is half way round the second ball starts off being passed around in the same direction.

The idea is for the second ball to catch up with the first ball and touch it and then the cockroach has been crunched.

The next progression of this game is to have two balls acting as cockroaches and a third ball trying to catch up, and then have three cockroaches etc.

The cockroaches could be started at different intervals.

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