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Monday 21st October 2019

@school helps me with my homework.

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Parachute Activities

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Parachute Activities

Pass the ...

The children sit in the circle either in the parachute tent (see parachute tent activity) or outside around the edge of the parachute.

This activity encourages children to co-operate and work as a team by passing something around the circle.

To start this process the children could pass an object around the circle e.g. a ball or bean bag. This can then be extended by passing a second object in the opposite direction at the same time. More objects could be added to help the children concentrate closely.

The children could hold hands and one person starts by passing a squeeze of the hand to the next person in one direction. The squeeze is them passed around the circle. Another squeeze could be started at the same time going in the opposite direction and will eventually cross over and go back to the beginning.

Children could pass a clap around the circle and this could be extended by someone passing a number of claps making a rhythm around the circle and the other children have to pass the same rhythm around. This could link with a music lesson.

Other things that children could pass around the circle are words like 'Buzz' or 'Zoom' etc. They could also pass a whisper. The children could also practice volume control by sending a word loudly or quietly around the circle. One loud word could go in one direction and one quiet word could go in the other direction.

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