I love to learn with @school.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

I love to learn with @school.
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Parachute Activities

Rain Forest

The children sit in the circle in the parachute tent (see parachute tent activity).

This activity encourages children to co-operate and work as a team by passing something around the circle.

The idea of the game is to build up the noises and sounds to tell a story. One person will lead the sounds and pass each one on around the circle.

The person who is leading the group can start with a hum or a buzz that is passed around the circle from person to person - this is the sound of mosquitoes in the rain forest.

As the humming or buzzing continues the leader passes the sound of the rain by tapping two fingers on the palm of the other hand.

As that sound comes around the circle the leader decides when to start the next sound.

The next sound that is passed is the heavy rain which is snapping / clicking fingers. The sound of the storm approaching is passed next by clapping hands.

Stamping feet on the ground is passed next to show the storm over head.

At the height of the storm the children can be encouraged to make rain forest animal noises e.g. monkeys, snakes, parrots etc.

The leader now decides when to reverse the storm and then starts passing the relevant sounds around again backwards i.e. clapping, clicking fingers, two finger clapping until the mosquitoes are back.

To extend the activity you could have a child sitting in the centre of the tent conducting the children in the circle when to come in with the sounds.

There are many other stories that can be told with passing sounds e.g. thunder storm, riding on a bus, breakfast at home, visit to the zoo or circus, etc.

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