I love to learn with @school.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

I love to learn with @school.
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Parachute Activities

This is a ...

The children sit in the circle either in the parachute tent (see parachute tent activity) or outside around the edge of the parachute.

The idea of the game is to keep a sequence going and also word play. Two balls or bean bags are required.

The teacher starts by passing the ball to the person (player A) on their left and says, "This is a witch!" The player takes the ball and says, "A what?" The teacher confirms, "A witch!" Player A then passes the ball to the next person saying, "This is a witch!" and that person says, "A what?" Player A then says, "A what?" and the teacher re-confirms, "A witch!" Player A then tells the next person, "A witch!" and this person then passes the ball and says to the next person, "This is a witch!"

This goes back and forth to the leader as the next person is introduced by giving them the ball.

Just as things are already complicated the teacher starts by giving the second ball to the person (Player B) on his / her right and says, "This is a watch!" Player B replies, "A what?" and the teacher confirms, "A watch!" and off the sequence goes in the other direction.

As the game goes on the balls and the words will cross paths and this adds to the fun. If the game falls apart before then, the teacher just starts again from where the game broke down.

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