I love to learn with @school.

Tuesday 20th April 2021

I love to learn with @school.
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Calculator Problems

Use the @school calculator to work out the answer to these problems.

Every day a machine makes 150,000 pencils which go into boxes.
A full box has 15 pencils. How many full boxes can be made from 150,000 pencils?

A large school has 5 buses turn up to take children home. There are 432 children that need to get home.
Each bus holds 47 people. Once the 5 buses are full how many children would be left?
How many buses would they need to take the rest of the children home?

2845 people go to the circus. Each person pays 2.30 for a ticket.
What is the total amount of ticket money collected? 

At a football game programmes cost 55p each.
The total money collected from programme sales is 825.
How many programmes are sold? 

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