I love to learn with @school.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

I love to learn with @school.
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Heating and Cooling

Temperature is a measure of how hot or cold something or someone is.

We measure temperature with a thermometer and the units of measurement are Celsius ( C ).

Your normal body temperature is 37C.

Water freezes when it reaches a temperature of 0C.

Water boils when it reaches a temperature of 100C.

Materials change either to a different state (solid, liquid, gas) or to a different material altogether when we heat or cool them.

Can you decide what different material or state (solid, liquid, gas) we will end up with if we heat or cool these materials?

1) If I cool water to 0C I will get

2) If I heat solid chocolate I will get

3) If heat dough I will get

4) If I cool liquid candle wax I will get

5) If I heat cake mixture I will get

6) If I heat soft clay I will get

7) If I heat water to a temperature of 100C I will get

8) If I heat ice I will get

9) If I burn a candle I will get

10) If I cool liquid chocolate I will get

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