I love to learn with @school.

Tuesday 26th May 2020

I love to learn with @school.

Teacher - Classroom Resources

Teachers can use this section of the @school web site to search for resources that they can use in the classroom.

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Unit 1A. An introduction to modelling  |  Unit 1B. Using a word bank  |  Unit 1C. The information around us  |  Unit 1D. Labelling and classifying  |  Unit 1E. Representing information graphically: pictograms  |  Unit 1F. Understanding instructions and making things happen  |  Unit 2A. Writing stories: communicating information using text  |  Unit 2B. Creating pictures  |  Unit 2C. Finding information  |  Unit 2D. Routes: controlling a floor turtle  |  Unit 2E. Questions and answers  |  Unit 3A. Combining text and graphics  |  Unit 3B. Manipulating sound  |  Unit 3C. Introduction to databases  |  Unit 3D. Exploring simulations  |  Unit 3E. E-mail  |  Unit 4A. Writing for different audiences  |  Unit 4B. Developing images using repeating patterns  |  Unit 4C. Branching databases  |  Unit 4D. Collecting and presenting information: questionnaires and pie charts  |  Unit 4E. Modelling effects on screen  |  Unit 5A. Graphical modelling  |  Unit 5B. Analysing data and asking questions: using complex searches  |  Unit 5C. Evaluating information, checking accuracy and questioning plausibility  |  Unit 5D. Introduction to spreadsheets  |  Unit 5E. Controlling devices  |  Unit 5F. Monitoring environmental conditions and changes  |  Unit 6A. Multimedia presentation  |  Unit 6B. Spreadsheet modelling  |  Unit 6C. Control and monitoring - What happens when...?  |  Unit 6D. Using the internet to search large databases and to interpret information