@school helps me with my homework.

Monday 26th August 2019

@school helps me with my homework.

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Unit RA. What are harvest festivals?  |  Unit RB. Who were the friends of Jesus?  |  Unit RC. Who was Noah?  |  Unit 1A. What does it mean to belong? - Generic  |  Unit 1B. What does it mean to belong in Christianity?  |  Unit 1C. Celebrations: why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?  |  Unit 1D. Beliefs and practice - Generic  |  Unit 1E. How do Jewish people express their beliefs in practice?  |  Unit 1F. What can we learn from visiting a church?  |  Unit 2A. What is the Torah and why is it important to Jewish people?  |  Unit 2B. Why did Jesus tell stories?  |  Unit 2C. Celebrations - Generic  |  Unit 2D. Visiting a place of worship - Generic  |  Unit 3A. What do signs and symbols mean in religion?  |  Unit 3B. How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali?  |  Unit 3C. What do we know about Jesus?  |  Unit 3D. What is the Bible and why is it important for Christians?  |  Unit 3E. What is faith and what difference does it make?  |  Unit 4A. How and why do Hindus worship at home and in the mandir?  |  Unit 4B. Celebrations: Christmas journeys  |  Unit 4C. Why is Easter important for Christians?  |  Unit 4D. What religions are represented in our neighbourhood?  |  Unit 5A. Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?  |  Unit 5B. How do Muslims express their beliefs through practices?  |  Unit 5C. Where did the Christian Bible come from?  |  Unit 5D. How do the beliefs of Christians influence their actions?  |  Unit 6A. Worship and community - Generic  |  Unit 6B. Worship and community: what is the role of the mosque?  |  Unit 6C. Why are sacred texts important? - Generic  |  Unit 6D. What is the Qur'an and why is it important to Muslims?  |  Unit 6E. What can we learn from Christian religious buildings?  |  Unit 6F. How do people express their faith through the arts?